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George Gaspa
Falmouth Mass.

Since 1986 I’ve bear hunted with 6 different outfitters. I had a lot of bad experiences without seeing a bear for the entire week of hunting. I started hunting with Keith Cote at Sportsman’s Pride Outfitters LLC in 2003.  September of 2017 will be my 10th hunt at Sportsman’s Pride. I’ve done the spring and fall hunts and seen a total of 53 bears and shot several with my bow. Sportsman’s Pride offers the best opportunities to shoot a trophy bear of a lifetime. Keith and his guides put more bait out than any other outfitter that I’ve ever hunted with. The bear camp has full electricity and hot water, it’s clean and comfortable. Keith runs a 5 star camp from his experienced and knowledgeable guides , to the best cook in Canada. Keith does all the necessary paperwork to make crossing the border and easy and comfortable experience. Keith can provide taxidermy service and meat processing for your trophy bear. I highly recommend hunting with Keith Cote at Sportsman’s Pride outfitters LLC

George Martin
N.Y  1/2017  
315 269-5244

Two hunts in two years, two bears, one 320# , one 368#. Keith mounted one as a lifesize and did the other into a rug. Two of the most enjoyable and rewarding hunts in my life. I can't tell you how many hunting friends complain about poor bear hunting trips. I refer them to you . One is a hunter and good taxidermist whose best bear shot in seven hunts was 160#. Again I told him he really needs to book with Sportsman's Pride Outfitters. 

Brian Clark, Swansea MA
January 2017

If you want a remote black bear hunt in New Brunswick Canada then Sportsman Pride Outfitters LLC is the place to be! I have been going to Keith's camp for the past 10 years now, an have never met someone who is as knowledgeable about black bear or share a stronger passion and love for it. I have done both spring an fall hunts, the guides there are the best an it goes to show because I have shot numerous bear with Sportsman Pride Outfitters. The food is great the laughs are better an the bear is the best!

Jim Summers Worthington
West Virginia 304 288-1386

Sportsman's Pride Outfitters is the best. It is located in northern New Brunswick Canada. I have been there probably 20 times. Your guides are fantastically devoted to you and your success while hunting bears. I have seen as many as 8 bears in one evening. If you listen to your guide and pay attention to Keith I promise you will see bears. Transportation is also top of the line and Keith has all the paperwork to make your border crossing enjoyable. I look forward to going back to Sportsman's Pride Outfitters cause it's like going home. Keith and Wendy are like my children. Wonderful meat processing and sausage making. Just a wonderful all - around operation.

Larry Machado
Denver Colorado
January 2017

Keith and Wendy Cote

Bear Hunters that are looking for the best experience Bear hunting can offer, you should book with Keith Cote at Sportsman's Pride Outfitters Madawaska Maine.
This outfitter has many years experience bear hunting in Maine and New Brunswick
Canada. Keith and his guides will exhaust all efforts to help you get a good Bear.
Believe me you will learn how to hunt Black Bear in the North woods. The Bear camp is set up very well and he offers some of the best meals you will find in any hunting camp.   I was very fortunate to harvest a nice Bear with the help of Keith and his guides. I will be returning to Sportsman's Pride for the 2017 Fall Black Bear hunting season. Keith provides services you don't find with other hunting outfitters, Keith will provide taxidermy service as well as meat processing, its a one stop hunting experience.   Keith, Thanks again for a great spring Black Bear Hunt, and I'm looking forward to seeing you and Wendy next year. PS. Looking forward to hunting Stinky Moose Blind for a Big Bear. 

Philip Roop
Carter, OK 580-210-9716
January 2017

I have been hunting bear and moose with keith for years now and you cant get any better than Sportsmans pride outfitters. The camp is fantastic and the staff and guides are all top notch all the way. The food is incredible and they treat you better than family. The hunting is phenomenal and I always see a lot of animals. If you want a great hunt with great people for a more than fair price then his is your best bet. 

Hugh Gunter,
Jacksonvile . Fl
January 2017

I started hunting with Keith Cote and Sportsman's pride Outfitters in 2004. Over the years I have harvested many bears (13). Keith was also my guide on my first, and so far, only moose hunt. We got a very nice bull on the second day of a one week hunt. I have made many friends over the years in Madawaska and in Canada. Friendships that will last a lifetime. Keith has a wonderful staff, the best cook in Canada and the best guides as well. I have also spent a lot of time with Keith, setting up bait locations and baiting, so I understand the hard work and dedication that he puts into his program. Keith, thank you for all the great hunts and god willing, hopefully there will be many more! If anyone has any questions about hunting with Sportsman's pride outfitters please feel free to call me anytime at 904 483-7577  

Keith & George Hylek
Valparaiso, IN

I want to compliment you in running a first class operation.  I have been on numerous outfitted hunts, and I have to say that your operation is very impressive.  Having the opportunity to bait with you and Bob on the first day really showed me how much work and effort that you put in to provide us with a first class hunting experience.  My son George, made his first archery kill on Monday, and just seeing how happy the entire camp was for him was wonderful.  You and your staff really made George feel at home.  On Thursday, I took my first bear which green scored 20-1/16” and weighed 368 pounds! Needless to say, George and I will definitely be back next year as we are both hooked on bear hunting.  It definitely gets your adrenaline pumping when those black beauties come in.  The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and where else can you walk down a trail with a moose walking the same trail in front of you!   Thank you again for such a wonderful experience and we will see  you next year for more of the same.

Tom Withers

Hey Keith: Thanks again for a fun and successful hunt last spring. The bear sausage you made for me is great. I look forward to traveling back to hunt with you in the future and I look forward to seeing the bear skin rug. Hope all is well with you and your family. 

Mark Smith
New Hampshire

The complete Hunting experience…? That is what we look for. Sportsman’s Pride is just that! The camps, the guides, the cook. all top shelf. Keith’s attention to detail, from crossing the border, to stand placement, area pressure, baiting. All the way to caring for your bear, is in my opinion, second to none. I hunted the spring hunt in N.B. and saw 14 bears in five nights, passed on 4.  I’m going back in the fall. Thank you. Great time. 

Dr. James Poole

Keith, I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed my week at camp. The hunting was well planned, exciting and Eric and Guy were on top of their game. Monique put great food down constantly. It didn’t help my waistline but I guess I would have been disappointed if it had! Crossing the border was as smooth as I’ve ever experienced. Great job! I hope to come back and bring family. Many Thanks

Eric Lunde
South Portland, ME

This was my first hunt with Keith Cote, and really my first experience with any type of guided hunt. I am in the military and currently serving in Maine. I wanted the real Maine experience so I put in for the Moose lottery and was lucky enough to draw a tag. I knew this would be a once in a lifetime experience and wanted to leave nothing to chance. I did my homework, spent numerous hours researching different outfitters throughout zone 3. One phone conversation with Keith was all it took, I knew I had found my guide. My brother came up from Buffalo, NY to join me for this once in a lifetime adventure. As soon as we arrived Keith welcomed us into his home and laid out a professional and detailed plan for me to get my trophy. What a first night sitting around the dinner table eating spaghetti and bear meat (something I had never been afforded the opportunity to try before, the meal was awesome by the way) and telling stories of previous hunts and what we were hoping to accomplish the next day. After supper we went out and did some quick scouting before the sun went down, no moose sightings but we did get to see some whitetail. Not to worry Keith said you will get your moose tomorrow. The morning of the hunt we were up early ready to go. We came from the local hotel in full camo, locked, stocked and ready to rock, (funny side note we quickly realized that you really do not need to be outfitted in full camo, it’s not like hunting whitetail) but I digress. Just as Keith had told us we had my 650lb female moose by 7:10.  What a great experience!!  My brother and I will be looking to make a return trip in the future to bag us some black bears up in Canada (with a bow of course). Keith thanks for the great memories, hope to see you in the future.

Doug Gay, Walpole, NH
Interested hunters,
Hello my name is Doug Gay and I recently went on a guided bear hunt with Sportsman’s Pride Outfitters. My daughter, Chelsea, and nephew, Sean, both just graduated from high school and I decided that it would be a perfect gift for them. This trip was the third time hunting with this outfit and every time has been everything you could ask for in a hunt. The staff they have is always helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Upon request I asked a guide to sit with my daughter and nephew for the simple fact that neither of them was ready to sit by themselves. This was very helpful for me which allowed me to hunt and not have to worry about them, knowing they were in good hands. As for the hunt itself, they do it the way it should be done. They have numerous bait sites spread all over the area. This gives you the best possible chance to see bears. Over the week the three of us saw 29 different bears and harvested a 242 pound and a 310 pound bear. Keith Cote, the outfitter, really cares about what he does and it shows from the nice camp, great food and friendly service. Overall if you are looking for a great hunt that you will never forget, trust an experienced hunter as myself, Sportsman’s Pride Outfitters is the way to go. You will arrive at the camp as a client and leave as a friend with great memories, I am headed back up next year.

Detective Kevin Smith, Indiana State Police
I have been hunting all over the United States and Canada since I was 9 years old. I have used guide services all over North America and had experiences from first class to absolute con artists. I am now 44 and have 2 daughters who both hunt. My oldest just turned 15 and about a year ago I asked her where she wanted to go hunting this year. She has been out west with me as her guide and taken some good animals. I am pleasantly surprised to hear her say that she wanted to go bear hunting. Having hunted black bears in 3 different provinces of Canada I did more research than I have ever done to find the right outfitter. It would be heartbreaking to take your daughter on her first bear hunt only to find out the outfitter has misrepresented himself. I chose Keith Cote and Sportsman’s Price Outfitters LLC. It was the best decision I ever made. Keith had a 5 star camp, great guides and was hunting in a very good area. His whole staff treated us like family. My daughter took a nice 175lb boar on the first night with dad watching. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so proud. Keith and his staff will always have a place in my heart for making such a special memory happen. My daughter asked me on the way back to the camp “Can we come back next year?” I intend on returning in 2010 for another great hunt. Keith provides very personal service, he tells you the truth and knows his business as well as any guide I have ever had in 34 years of hunting. I am anxious to take my younger daughter to Keith’s in a few years.

Ed Miller, Pennsylvania,  moose hunter
I have hunted from Africa to Texas with many outfitters, when I found out I drew a Maine non-resident moose tag the work began. I researched outfitters and had outfitters call me day and night. I wanted a guide that knew area three well, after hearing about Keith I called his references and booked my hunt with him. When my wife and I arrived we immediately felt like family, it was evident that Keith had done pre-season scouting and put in hours of work prior to our arrival. I took a bull of a lifetime with Keith. He is the finest outfitter I have hunted with. Hunting isn’t always about the pull of the trigger or the harvest of the game but the memories that I endeavor to keep close to my heart that I can reflect on from time to time. Thanks Keith for the moose hunt of a lifetime and the memories that I’ll pull out from time-to-time.

Don H. Lester, Esq., Florida
My first hunt with Keith Cote and Sportsman’s Pride Outfitters LLC was a 2009 spring bear hunt in new Brunswick. I will be booking another spring hunt with Keith next year. I was thoroughly impressed with Keith’s knowledge, attention to detail, and passion for hunting. His guides are friendly and helpful. Meals are prepared by a French Canadian woman who is an excellent.

Ike Wright, Scottsville, Va
I have been an avid hunter of nearly all North American small and big game species, and have had exposure to many different camp sites and outfitters. I have to say that the operation that Keith Cote w/ Sportsman's Pride Outfitters LLC is the best I have had the opportunity to hunt with. He and his staff do not cut corners for safety and do not stop to offer a memorable .successful hunt. After 30 years of hunting, I have finally found an outfitter/guide that will tell you the truth with no hidden agendas. I would highly recommend Keith Cote's operation to anyone who is looking for one of the greatest opportunities to enjoy the North Country and harvest a black bear. When I go bear hunting I go with Keith! Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear first hand the experiences I have had with Keith. 434-286-2656.

George Pinkham, DVM   NY
"My first hunt with Sportsman's Pride Outfitters LLC was in the fall of 2002. I hunted in Maine and on my first Tuesday night, I connected with a P&Y boar that dressed out at 307 pounds. I have returned every spring and fall since, hunting either side of the St. Johns River. I have not only seen bears on every hunt, I have also had shot opportunities every week I've hunted as well.

In addition, I suggested Keith's camp to nine hunting friends who will have hunted a total of twenty-six hunts with Keith, as of spring 2007. And I've hunted two or more times with six different hunters that I met while hunting with Sportsman's Pride Outfitters LLC. Including me, that's sixteen hunters who have hunted more than sixty times with Keith."

Matt Kelley, Ma. - moose hunter
Keith and Wendy, my father and I walked away from our 2011 moose hunting experience feeling like we were hunting with old friends. Your hospitality made us feel at home and the entire experience was second to none. After shooting our cow in the top food plot first thing in the morning I was pleasantly surprise to have the meat hanging in a local cold storage cooler by afternoon; the end result was the best wild game meat I have ever eaten.

Thank you for the hospitality and opportunity to hunt your farm. Our top choice for the Maine moose lottery will be zone 3 next year!

Rob Gaydosh, Ohio
Outstanding! Outstanding! Outstanding! Need I say more. I have been on several guided hunts and worked as a guide myself. Your outfit is truly one of the best. You told the truth about bears and bear hunting. We saw plenty of bears! (Even shot a few). Your guides Pete and Kevin were very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I had a real nice time. The group we were with was a lot of fun. Thanks for the great hunt and I’m going to try to budget it again soon.

Mark Tedesco, Waterbury Connecticut
“I have hunted bears all over North America, mostly in Alberta and other provinces. Keith and his staff put out more bait and provide more personal attention than any other camp I have been in.”

Jim Orth , Ma.
"I just wanted to drop you a line and again thank you for a great hunt.even though I didn't get a bear just seeing (9) bear in only five days was unbelievable. There are some bruiser's out there. On the last night that sow was a giant, I still can't get over her and the (3) cubs. Well again thanks. I'll be back in the spring and my friends can't wait to come up with me. "

Don French, Leonardtown, Maryland
"The spring of 2007 will be my fourth hunt with Keith and his staff in New Brunswick. Keith will do whatever it takes to make your hunting trip memorable. He has excellent guides and personal attention is the norm. The food is outstanding. Sportsman's Pride Outfitters LLC is highly recommended."

Stu & Stephanie  Fisher , Hanover MD.
My husband had  gave me a couple options to choose from when we got picked for our Moose hunt in 2011. I chose to go with Keith's outfit as we felt he was the best fit for us. I am not a big hunter and he made things very easy for me. I am so glad we went with him! It was really warm in October so it was a struggle to find Cows, we never gave up. We got ours on Wednesday, it weighed  620 pounds, Keith is knowledgeable and great to be around. I would recommend his outfit to anyone. He and his wife went out of their way for all the hunters. If I ever get picked again, I would without a doubt go back. Various other hunters state that food and accommodations are the best they have ever seen (bar none).