About Us

Tyler Sellers

Welcome to Sportsman’s Pride Outfitter, my name is Tyler Sellers and I am the owner and operator of sportsman's pride.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the outdoors and pursuing game, when I was young my father taught me how to work hard and be thankful for every moment you have.

Before starting the journey with sportsman's Pride, I spent my time working a full time and very demanding career as a welding inspector as well as making sure I had time to pursue my real passion as a hunting guide.

I dreamt of turning my passion into a full time career as an outfitter. Then one day I had an opportunity to do so with sportsman's pride. I'm sure we all struggle with not having enough time to pursue what we enjoy about the outdoors.

Now as a guide and outfitter I can help people enjoy there time seeking adventures in the untouched wilderness of Maine and New Brunswick, Seeking trophy class game.

Can’t wait see you at Sportsman’s Pride where we always take pride in the Hunt!

Scott Sellers

Hello – My name is Scott Sellers. I am a fifty-seven year old God fearing man who has worked hard all my life, starting from the bottom to the top! 

I've worked in Corporate America for twenty years until I got tired of other people making decisions for me. So I left with my wife Kelli (whose age I will not mention), and we started our demolition business which we worked very hard every single day to make the successful business it is today. 

I have been an avid hunter, fisherman and conservationist for my entire life. Since his childhood I have worked very hard to instill the values of hard work and passion for the outdoors in my son Tyler. Over the last twenty years Tyler has become a wonderfully successful outdoors man, hunting guide and businessman. 

Together Tyler and I, along with our staff, will make sure that your adventure with Sportsman Pride Outfitter will be one that you will treasure for the rest of your life. 

Welcome to Sportsman's Pride Outfitters where we always take Pride in the Hunt. 

Keith Cote

Keith has been guiding hunters  professionally since 1993 and owner and operator of Sportsman's Pride Outfitters. Keith will be retiring after this bear hunting season. He has a passion for bow hunting and firearms hunting. His experience with bears and moose is vast.

Keith has personally taken 23 bears with a bow and many others with firearms. Many of his bears would have qualified for the record books, but putting his name amongst many others is just not his style.

Keith truly loves to take people on a hunting adventures in the North Country to share his knowledge and experience.